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19% of Millennials have a family member file their taxes*

Maddy, 26
University grad

Relocated to Austin from Houston for her new position. She's wondering which of her moving expenses might be deductible. In addition, there was a two month gap between being covered under her parents’ health insurance and her new employer’s health plan. She currently has her parents file her taxes, but wants to be more independent.

How we helped:

  • Independence and financial privacy from her parents
  • Tax pros at Lingotax helped Jamie determine which moving expenses are deductible and whether she will have an Affordable Care Act penalty for the months not covered by insurance.
  • We helped establish not only can she deduct costs for a moving truck, but also her storage and packing supplies, 30 days of storage costs at her new location, and mileage. Jamie also qualified for a short-gap exemption to avoid a healthcare penalty that she didn’t know about.
33% of taxpayers 45-64 use an accountant

Amit, 45
Project Manager

Amit has a mortgage, wife, and two kids. He pays $435 for an accountant to do his taxes, but his accountant does not give proactive advice and is difficult to get on the phone. Amit changed jobs in 2017. When he left his prior employer, he cashed out his 401K not knowing he could do otherwise.

How we helped:

  • Switched to Lingotax from accountant, $435 in savings
  • Our tax pro filed Jason's taxes and helped him by encouraging him to leave the funds in the employer's 401K or roll it over into a new one or traditional IRA to avoid tax and a 10% penalty for early withdrawal.
  • Found a new deduction for child care
8.5% of taxpayers still file by hand

Andre, 31

Andre rents out his spare bedroom. He has student loans and self-files his taxes.

How we helped:

  • Saved him 10 hours of self-prep work
  • We found some records regarding Airbnb income that he was misreporting and could have triggered an audit
  • Tax pros saved him $221 in deductions he would have otherwise missed


We do any type of 1040 tax return including the following schedules and accompanying documents to maintain compliance and optimize your return results:

  • Schedule A - Itemized deductions
  • Schedule B - Interest and dividend income
  • Schedule C - Business, self-employed, or 1099 contractor income
  • Schedule D - Stocks, investments, and asset sales
  • Schedule E - Rental property or royalty income
  • 1095 A/B/C - We complete reporting forms in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

We prepare state and multi-state returns for source income within those states.

All of our tax professionals are experienced and complete hundreds of tax returns every year.

We never share your financial or tax information with employers or other third parties. All of your information remains confidential.

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